The Smart Thermostat designed for Baseboard Heaters.

4.5/5 - Based on 156 Reviews

- Control your heat from anywhere

- Monitor your cottage at all times

- Reduce your energy bill

- Pre-heat the cottage before you go

What our customers are saying

Daniel Fontaine, Verified Buyer

"I bought 2 units for my cottage. It has been installed in a snap, The application was easy to install, devices easy to configure. It works like a charm. My home is 2h drive from my cottage.. before leaving home, we start the thermostat remotely and when we arrive, the cottage is at a comfy temperature."

Stephen Loyd, Verified Buyer

"I am using this to control the temperatures at my cottage. It is great to know I haven’t left the heat on and to warm the place up before arriving in the cool weather :)"

John Thomas, Verified Buyer

"Now I can easily monitor and adjust the temperature of my cabin from anywhere. I think it will pay for itself in a year. No more worries about wondering if I forgot to turn down the heat, or worrying about pipes freezing with a sudden drop in temperature. Bonus - we can pre-warm the cabin before we arrive."

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