Things are really heating up with Mysa. We’ve heard feedback from all over and we’re ready to announce the next addition to your smart home. This fall, we are launching the Mysa Smart Thermostat for Electric In-Floor Heating! Set your schedule, track your use, and control your heat remotely!

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Mysa Smart Thermostat
for Electric In-Floor Heating!

Mysa In-Floor will come loaded with a full slate of smart features, specifically optimized for In-Floor Heating Systems. Set your schedule, control your heat remotely, and track your energy use for complete control of your In-Floor Heating.

Mysa In-Floor will come with all your favourite Mysa features

Works With All Your Favourite Voice Assistants

Mysa In-Floor is compatible with all the major voice assistants. Whether it's Alexa or Google or Siri, you can set your scenes, geofences, or just simply ask your Mysa to raise the temperature!

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